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When i was in high school i worked at this ratty hot dog joint. It used to a be a taco bell, so it had kinda the same layout. You walk in, small hallway with kitchen access, storage closet and bathrooms on your left, counter straight ahead.

Well...this place didnt really need the storage space so the storage room was empty. For some reason the people at taco bell had something drilled into the door and took it with him. So it was just an empty room, with a hole in the door.

Well...at first i thought it was pretty funny that pretty every customer who walked by that door would stop, look to see if anyone was watching them, then look into the hole.

It got kinda annoying though, because sometime's i'd actually hear people having conversations about the hole in the wall, some would even ask me about it. They seemed pretty disapointed when they found out it was just an empty room, so i started joking that sometimes when people look into it, we'll have a dude on the other side with a big sharp spike who'd ram it into your eye and kill you, thats where we got the hotdog meat from.

Well one day some old bitch was waiting in line and i told somebody that, she just walked right out. I kinda lol'd. Then about a half hour later a squadcar shows up, wanting to search the place for dead bodies. They were kinda cool about, they knew right away something was up and they werent going to find anything, so i just told them what was up and they left. I still to this day cant believe that dumb bitch actually believed that.