When I was 8 my uncle Gene who was a Naval officer came to visit my family. We had a small home so he had to bunk with me in my bed. The first nite he got into bed after I was asleep in only boxer shorts. I woke up shortly after he fell asleep and liked the feel of his hairy chest against my back. I turned so I faced him and ran my hand through his dark hairy chest. Then I got the nerve to put my hand in the fly of his shorts. He had massive amounts of hair around his cock. I got brave enough to touch his cock. His cock started to respond as it got longer and fatter. I then realized that he had a very long foreskin. It must have been 3 inches. He woke up a just said it feels good to have me touch him. I immediately moved my hand and he said it was OK and that guys sometime did this sort of thing. He told me that I could play with his cock anytime. By this time my cock was hard and uncle Gene was playing with it and it fely great. He then put my cock up to the end of his and pulled his long foreskin over mine. It felt so good. He then masturbated mine and his cock inside his foreskin. I had my first orgasm with him. It was a mess but I will never forget it. The rest of his weeks stay was wonderful. His ship blew up while at sea and I miss him.

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